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Our Values and Culture

Our corporate culture creates added value and leads us on the way to become stronger than our competitors. Our corporate culture unites the excellence of our individual subsidiaries and their unique company cultures to produce a shared strength.

An active, open corporate culture makes us an attractive employer for highly talented people and strengthens our position as a responsible global corporate citizen in this world.

To pursue excellent quality

Our core business is to deliver excellent products and services. We provide worldwide comprehensive solutions. We improve our services based upon the demands of our customers in our national and international markets. We continuously challenge and improve our structures and production processes.

To make our customers successful

Customer satisfaction is the No. 1 factor of our Group's success. Our customers' success is our success. We strive to establish long-term business partnerships with our customers. These partnerships will result in long-term success for both sides. We have the best possible knowledge of customers, markets and competitors, and are therefore the trend-setters in the market. Our activities are governed by our knowledge of the global and local requirements of our customers and markets.

To act according to clear priorities

Clear priorities shape our actions:

  1. The success of our customers.
  2. The success of our Group.
  3. The success of each organisational unit and the success of each individual.
To act in accordance with these clear priorities requires outstanding cooperation among all parties, internally as well as externally.

To act in an entrepreneurial way

Entrepreneurial conduct constitutes the spirit of our Group. We demand and promote individual responsibility. Excellent people are the key to our success. We welcome motivated and loyal employees who strive for top performance. One of our core responsibilities is to recruit, develop and retain such employees in the long term. We require our executives to be top achievers who act as role models both in their professional and personal conduct. We recognise and reward individual performance and economic success in line with local best practice standards.

To act with integrity internally and externally

Integrity determines the way we work within the Group as well as our conduct toward our business partners, shareholders and the general public. Each employee has the opportunity for personal development according to individual performance - regardless of gender, religion or culture. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Each executive respects each employee's personal dignity and personality, and is responsible for creating an atmosphere of mutual trust within the team. Executives delegate tasks effectively. But, they remain responsible for the results.

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